Let’s Color 2

Dec 28, 12 Let’s Color 2

Sponsored posts are paid advertisements about new apps for kids, screened by our editorial staff and considered fit to this site’s audience.   Let's Color (Full) - Magic coloring books for kids By Aplica Rated: 4+ Price: $4.99   Developers’ description: “Let’s Color is a coloring book application. It...

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Matryoshka! for kids

Nov 09, 12 Matryoshka! for kids

This is a sponsored post for a new app for kids, fresh out the oven and worth checking up!   Matryoshka! puzzle for kids By Kidoteca Rated: 4+ Price: free   Android App com.kidoteca.matryoshka on Playboard   Developers’ description: “Matryoshka! is a smart and funny toy for young kids and toddlers, inspired...

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Jazzy 123 – Learn to count with Music

Oct 04, 12 Jazzy 123 – Learn to count with Music

Jazzy 123 - Learn to Count with Music By The Melody Book Rated: 4+ Price: $1.99 Developers’ description: “Learn about music instruments and numbers in a fun and interactive game!
 Learn how to count from one to ten in over ten languages! Does your child know what a saxophone looks like or what a guitar sounds...

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Have Fun with Arabic

Jan 10, 12 Have Fun with Arabic

Learn Arabic Alphabet by Tinytapps By Altaf rehmani Rated: 4+ Price: free Developers’ description: “TinyTapps brings to you its third language app having started with English, Hindi and now Arabic. Full of fun and easy to learn the Arabic Alphabet app covers Letter & Picture Recognition, Phonic Sounds, Letter...

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