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Funny Classic Riddles for Smart Kids

Classic Riddles for Smart Kids - Book 1 (AppStore Link) Classic Riddles for Smart Kids - Book 1
By Brave Tomatoes
Rated: 4+5
Price: $2.99

Developers’ description:
“Classic Riddles for Smart Kids is an interactive book with 24 pages of great illustrations, friendly narration and light animations.

It has the feeling of the classic illustrated riddle books, that many parents and grandparents might remember from their childhood. This book will introduce the kids, to some cool language magic and a great artwork.

For all kids who like to ask questions and to give smart answers!
Why are giraffes so slow to apologize? Where can you find an ocean without water? What happens when it rains cats and dogs?


– 24 pages with stylish, colourful illustrations and light animations
– 2 reading modes: Read to Me (Autoplay) and Read Myself
– Original narration by our young friend Cedar
– Recording option – for your personal narration
– Fun jazzy background music

Classic Riddles for Smart Kids is an Universal app, carefully designed, so that children of all ages can easily navigate through it and have a great experience on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.”

Why we like this app?
Adorable illustrations and fun riddles, typically the ones my 6 yo loves to tell and to make up. The book is not as extensive, so I thought the pricing was a little high ($2.99 by the time of this review). Still a nice app to have.

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  1. Niamh /

    Looks great!

  2. Mandi /

    Looks so fun! Thanks for the chance!!

  3. Christina /

    Too cute! Thanks for the chance

  4. Trina /

    This looks fun!

  5. Debra Morris /

    I found a spelling error – about the shark swimming in salt water. It said something about “papper” water made them sneeze. I work on humor and figurative language in speech therapy, especially with older elementary students who have the cognitive skills to understand it. This looks fun. The graphics are colorful and captivating. It would keep their attention. I would like you to think about developing more than 24.

  6. Michell /

    This would be great for my kids, they love riddles.

  7. @Debra Morris:
    Thanks for pointing out the spelling error! It’s an old screenshot, I don’t know how it got here, but we’ll try to fix it as soon as possible :)

    I also think riddles are great for kids – it gives them the freedom to play with the language, and to create their own jokes and questions. We would be very happy if you decide to show the book to your students and give us feedback is it useful and interesting for them!

    We’re about to release very soon 2 more books of riddles, this time more pages of riddles and with different artwork. Also one of them will be multi-language.

  8. Helen Wagner /

    I would love to win these riddles for my kids in speech tberapy. This would be a wonderful resource for us to practice language and articulation carryover skills! Thankyou for the chance!

  9. Kandra Morales /

    Looks really cute

  10. PAUL /

    Looks great.Would like to try it.

  11. Hey guys!
    Here is Brave Tomatoes’ page in Facebook:

    Feel free to like the page to keep up with our news and upcoming apps we release :)

  12. Beverly /

    I love it! My son loves to tell jokes just like this! Fits his very pragmatic sense of humor ; )

  13. tina /

    i think my son would like this all he likes to do knock knock jokes to his dad he dont talk much so i think this would help him thank you for a chance to win a code.

  14. Jennifer Hayes /

    This looks fun!

  15. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun!!My son needs some new jokes. :)

  16. Dina /

    We could always use some funnies in this household. No one here has a sense of humor LOL … Well, ok no one here finds me funny LOL TY for all you offer and do! D

  17. Here are this time winners!

    1) Trina
    2) Debra Morris
    3) Dina
    4) Kandra Morales
    5) Beverly

    Thanks for participating! Come back for more!

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