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Have kids? Have iPhone/iPod Touch? So you need Sesame Street apps

Sesame Street has a whole set of applications made for iPhone/iPod Touch. These apps are very high in production, really well put, with exclusive videos and fun games. A budget most of independent apps do not dispose. The difference in budget do enhance the apps in terms of finishing, but an app isn’t necessarily great just because of the budget. We do have lots of apps that are really creative and catching for kids without famous characters (see our TOP 10 APPS list).

Still, if you have little kids, an ‘Elmo’ app is certainly something you outta have on your device. So let’s go to a quick guide of Sesame Street apps for iPhone/iPod Touch devices.

By the time this review was published there were 6 Sesame Street apps for iPhone/iPod Touch out there: 4 books and 2 games.

All the books follow the same structure familiar to other interactive iPhone books for kids: the ability to read it yourself or be read to and record your own voice-over. Featuring our favorite characters (Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Oscar) they have great Sesame Street-like stories.

As for the games, we have ‘Elmo’s Monster Maker’ and ‘Grover’s Number Special’.

‘Elmo’s Monster Maker’ is a really well put ‘make your monster game’, with the traditional parts-combination drill. Choose head, eyes, nose, and hat to make your own monster. The catch here is that, after you create your monster it comes to life in video, and you can choose to have it dancing, interacting with Elmo and even taking his picture. Ideal for kids from 1 to 3.

Grover’s Number Special is great fun. With a game of ’tilt and catch’, you need to grab the ingredients to make a meal. Lots of videos on this too, with a more exciting although more complex interaction. Ideal for kids 3 and up.

The apps range from $1.99 (books) to $3.99 (games). Certainly worth having a couple on your device.

Sesame Street: The Playgroung, by Sesame Street Workshop Apps. $1.99
Sesame Street: 123 Sesame Street, by Sesame Street Workshop Apps. $1.99
Sesame Street: The Firehouse, by Sesame Street Workshop Apps. $1.99
Sesame Street: The Fix-it Shop, by Sesame Street Workshop Apps. $1.99
Sesame Street: Elmo’s Monster Maker, by Sesame Street Workshop Apps. $1.99
Sesame Street: Grover’s Number Special, by Sesame Street Workshop Apps. $1.99

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  1. Another app that is simple and helps kids with monster fears, or likes to play and catch monsters, is Go Away Monster 3000. Designed by kids between 4 and 8. Parents control when a monster can be found, this app becomes part of your bed time routine and your kids can make a room monster free. During the day, your kids will run around looking for monster in places you never knew they existed.

    or on iTunes

  2. Following Apps are really great and are fun way to stimulate your kids brain:

    Must try.


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